Del Monte Fresh



When Interlex started doing counter-marketing to reduce the consumption of sugary drinks and fast food, we also searched for ways to promote healthy eating and natural, nutritious products. This led to our now decade-long partnership with Del Monte Fresh, the world’s leading produce company, for whom we have led numerous campaigns, including the successful national launch of their fresh guacamole line.

University of Washington

Don’t be fooled by fruit drinks


The University of Washington, University of Pennsylvania and Interlex developed an evidence-based social media campaign to counter beverage industry marketing of fruit drinks and decrease their purchase by Latinx parents for their children. Through countermarketing and water promotion, the campaign yielded a 19.2% decrease in parents choosing fruit drinks for their kids and a 29.7% increase in them choosing water.

Public Health – Seattle & King County

Helping Impacted Communities Spread Facts, not Fear


Seattle and King County were heavily impacted by COVID-19 early in the pandemic. Given the preponderance of essential workers, multigenerational households, and pre-existing health disparities in multicultural communities, Seattle King County Public Health realized the need to engage diverse groups in culturally relevant ways. Interlex helped develop a multicultural marketing campaign with two prongs: 1) The “Why I…” prong focuses on sharing culturally relevant motivations for observing recommended behavioral guidelines; 2) the “Get Tested” prong conveys a sense of urgency regarding testing.

National Education Association

Engaging Multicultural Parents


We branded the NEA with multicultural communities, encouraging minority parental involvement to help close educational attainment gaps as well as to generate support for NEA policies and opposition to voucher and privatization initiatives. Our “This Is Why We Are” campaign aligned the NEA’s mission and policies with the values and priorities of Hispanic, African American, Asian American (Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Filipino) and Native American populations. Post-campaign survey results indicated a 30% increase in brand awareness and a 29% increase in positive opinions of the NEA within targeted communities.

Theatre Communications Group

Developing New Audiences


We branded and grew awareness of TCG’s audience development program, the national Free Night of Theater. In the process, we developed a logo for the program, worked with national umbrella organization and regional partners to develop and place advertising campaign to draw attendance. We helped grow the program over three years, from a 3-city event to a national coast-to-coast movement with 398 participating theatre companies presenting over 600 performances and offering more than 30,000 tickets. According to an online survey of Free Night patrons the program continues to attract a significant number of people who fall into non-traditional theatre participant categories, including infrequent theatre attendees, young people, less educated, non-white and those with lower household incomes. Specifically, 77% attended a theatre they had never been to before, 42% are under age 35, 26% have less than a college degree, 27% are non-white, and 33% have combined household incomes under $50,000.

Pan American Development Foundation

Linking Communities For Development


We created a campaign that targeted specific US area codes, connected them to Latin American and Caribbean pockets of need based on existing cultural and community ties due to immigration patterns.

Pan American Development Foundation

Uniting Against Human Trafficking


We created a campaign to fight human trafficking of children in Haiti. Our campaign targeted an end to the culturally accepted practice of selling children into forced domestic labor.

Organization of American States/PADF

Hemispheric Disaster Relief


Following devastating earthquakes, we enabled a swift response by OAS PADF to both the Haiti and Chile relief efforts in 2010, working to develop multimedia, multilingual hemispheric campaigns featuring celebrities. Our United for Haiti campaign alone raised over $5 million for the relief effort, running throughout both North and South.

Pan American Development Foundation

Branding a Global NGO


As hemispheric agency of record, we revitalized the brand and image of this venerable non-profit created by the Organization of American States (OAS) to assist the least advantaged people in Latin America and the Caribbean through economic development, civil societies, and humanitarian/disaster relief. We evolved the image of the PADF through the development and implementation of a cohesive contemporary graphic approach to all corporate communications. We also created branded cause campaigns to engage and mobilize audiences to fight human trafficking and child exploitation, helping the venerable international NGO to diversify its funding base.

Texas Cooperative Extension

Promoting Water Conservation and Quality


Our pioneering in-culture campaign used humorous wordplay to engage and educate Latinos about water conservation and quality practices, overcoming cultural obstacles to change long-rooted behaviors. We helped build a coalition of 16 water systems to implement the groundbreaking campaign.