Dallas Water Utilities

Promoting Water Conservation and Quality


Our campaign featured children as ambassadors to their families to teach new water conservation habits. It helped meet Dallas’ goal of a 2% annual reduction in consumption despite a growing population.

Florida Tomato Committee

Marketing Healthy Foods


For the Florida Tomato Committee, we have increased consumer awareness of the health benefits and flavor of field-grown, fresh Florida tomatoes. Over the years, through various campaigns, we have leveraged traditional and digital/social media. We also implemented a a 16-market, East Coast Experiential Culinary Art Tour with stops at all major retailers. Our most recent campaign featured humorous animated videos disseminated through a social media campaign which yielded 1.1 million video views and 14 million campaign engagements through PR and blogger outreach. Our work has increased retail market share of field-grown round tomatoes by 6 points during the promotional period.

San Antonio River Authority

Promoting Water Conservation, Quality & Recreation


As the agency for the San Antonio River Authority, we provide research, branding, and outreach to raise awareness of water conservation and quality practices, increase recreational use of the river, and bolster support for our client’s protection of the vast regional watershed.

American Heart Association

Advocating for a Health Impact Fee on Sugary Drinks


We created a branded campaign targeting influencers, legislators, and key communities throughout California to build support for a distributor-level health impact fee on sugary drinks.


Increasing Immunization Rates


Our statewide immunization campaigns garnered Texas national recognition from the CDC as “Most Improved State in the Nation.” Rates increased 19.5% over four years.

Bexar Healthy Beverage Coalition

Fighting Obesity & Diabetes


“Is Your Drink Sugar-Packed?” raises awareness about the content of sugary drinks and reduces consumption to benefit public health.

City of San Antonio Metro Health

Fighting Obesity & Diabetes


Funded by the CDC, we created the “Find Your Balance” campaign, helping to reduce obesity rates by 20% over a four-year period. The campaign has been used around the country and as part of the First Lady’s Let’s Move initiative.

Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI)

Fighting Obesity & Diabetes


The “Life’s Sweeter” campaign launched at the first National Soda Summit in DC. The campaign motivated reduced consumption of sugary drinks to combat obesity and diabetes. Due to a growing national movement, soda consumption is down about 1% per year.