Seattle Addressing COVID-19 Impact on Multicultural Communities

Seattle Addressing COVID-19 Impact on Multicultural Communities

Public Health – Seattle & King County, the public health department for Seattle and its surrounding areas, has partnered with Interlex to enhance communications with multicultural groups in the region, including Latino and African American communities.

King County and Washington state were among the first areas in the United States impacted by the coronavirus. Since then, they have also been lauded for establishing best practices in containment and mitigation of the crisis.

“Our clients wish to ensure that nobody is left behind as they battle the coronavirus. While messages about staying home and maintaining social distancing apply to many people, there are a disproportionate number of Latinos and African Americans who simply cannot stay at home because they are deemed essential workers or they cannot maintain social distancing because they live in multigenerational households and come home from work to serve as caregivers to both their children and their elders,” said Interlex CEO Rudy Ruiz.

Public Health – Seattle & King County is building on insights from quantitative research as well as from a committee comprised of multicultural community leaders to inform how messages and recommendations can be adapted to better resonate with diverse communities to motivate them towards the healthiest and safest behaviors possible.

In addition to support from Interlex, which has pledged to contribute in-house creative and strategic services on a pro bono basis, Public Health – Seattle & King County counts on the support of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in its fight to save lives from COVID-19.

To view samples from the Seattle King County Public Health campaign click here.