Pan American Development Foundation

Linking Communities For Development


We created a campaign that targeted specific US area codes, connected them to Latin American and Caribbean pockets of need based on existing cultural and community ties due to immigration patterns.

Pan American Development Foundation

Uniting Against Human Trafficking


We created a campaign to fight human trafficking of children in Haiti. Our campaign targeted an end to the culturally accepted practice of selling children into forced domestic labor.

Organization of American States/PADF

Hemispheric Disaster Relief


Following devastating earthquakes, we enabled a swift response by OAS PADF to both the Haiti and Chile relief efforts in 2010, working to develop multimedia, multilingual hemispheric campaigns featuring celebrities. Our United for Haiti campaign alone raised over $5 million for the relief effort, running throughout both North and South.

Pan American Development Foundation

Branding a Global NGO


As hemispheric agency of record, we revitalized the brand and image of this venerable non-profit created by the Organization of American States (OAS) to assist the least advantaged people in Latin America and the Caribbean through economic development, civil societies, and humanitarian/disaster relief. We evolved the image of the PADF through the development and implementation of a cohesive contemporary graphic approach to all corporate communications. We also created branded cause campaigns to engage and mobilize audiences to fight human trafficking and child exploitation, helping the venerable international NGO to diversify its funding base.