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The sugary fruit drink countermarketing campaign developed by Interlex for University of Washington in partnership with University of Pennsylvania has been held up by the CDC as a national best practice. As such, the CDC has now made the campaign available for free through its online State & Community Health Media Center. Public health and community based organizations can learn more about the campaign and download its components for use here.
For any inquiries or assistance in customizing the campaign, interested parties may contact the account team via

State of Hawaii partners with Interlex

The State of Hawaii Department of Health has selected Interlex via a competitive RFP process to serve as its agency for a new publc health campaign. Interlex has been tasked with developing a statewide culturally appropriate, multi-media counter-marketing campaign to reduce purchasing and consumption of Sugar Sweetened Beverages (SSBs), specifically fruit drinks and sports drinks, by increasing awareness among parents of young children (ages 0-8 years) about deceptive marketing tactics and negative health implications of consuming SSBs.
In undertaking this work, Interlex draws on deep experience in public health communications as well years of specific expertise related to reducing the consumption of sugary drinks, which have been shown to contribute to obesity, tooth decay, diabetes and other health issues.
“Sugary drink companies have been targeting multicultural communities for a very long time,” Interlex CEO Rudy Ruiz states. “Campaigns like the one being undertaken in Hawaii are important in helping lift the veil off of the cheery, youth-oriented lifestyle imagery and branding that beverage corporations use to entice and manipulate consumers into over-consuming products that contribute to health inequities.”
Interlex’s work in this area began over a decade ago with the first National Soda Summit in Washington, D.C., at which it helped launch a campaign for the Center for Science in the Public Interest. Since then, the agency has developed campaigns for the reduction of SSB consumption for the American Heart Association, Coalition for a Healthier California, Illinois Alliance to Prevent Obesity, Bexar County Healthy Beverage Coalition, and University of Washington.

Countermarketing Campaign Reduces Buying of Sugary ‘Fruit’ Drinks for Children

The American Journal of Public Health recently published a study led by Interlex client University of Washington and co-authored by University of Pennsylvania and Interlex. The study demonstrates the impact of a countermarketing campaign developed by Interlex in collaboration with its clients to reduce the consumption of sugary fruit drinks among Latinx children.

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